Septic tank word cloud concept
Septic tank word cloud concept

Hi and welcome to www.PlumbingCodeArticles.com. This website was designed with the sole purpose of providing a resource that is easily available for anyone who is studying to take the Kentucky Journeyman plumber exam or the Ky master plumber exam.  We want to make the  laws, regulations, and codes of the State of Kentucky readily available for the general public. This website will give you guidance for any issues dealing with septic tanks, HVAC, and plumbing. With that being said, these codes are directly copy and pasted from the state website Public Protection Cabinet, more specifically the department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This website is not intended to be a stand alone resource when you start to learn how to be a plumber. I do not own any of the documents presented and I did not nor was I involved in writing any of these codes/regulations. Therefor I can’t guarantee that they are the updated Kentucky plumbing code . I highly recommend looking more into any specif code with your local government before any final decisions are made regarding the Ky plumbing code.  I will not be responsible for any misreading or misunderstanding of the plumbing laws in ky from this website.


For more info, check out the official state website here.

Qualifications to take the journeyman plumber test

Anyone who wants to take the journeyman plumber test must meet the following prerequisite 

  • complete 2 consecutive years as a apprentice plumber under a licensed journeyman or master plumber
  • The completion of a 2 year plumbing course will count as 1 year of experience
  • Pass a 5 hour practical and written exam with a score of 75% or better
  • Fill out and submit your Kentucky journeyman plumber licenses application

Qualifications to be a master plumber

  • Hold a valid journeyman licenses for 2 consecutive years, within the last 5 years
  • be employed in the the plumbing trade for the last 2 years
  •  OR be a registered mechanical engineer
  • Pass a 2 1/2 hour test that includes a practical test that covers pipe size and a written test that covers the plumbing basics
  • Fill out and submit your Kentucky master plumber licenses application

Applications that have been completed can be mailed to the following address for further review:

Office of Housing, Building and Construction

     Division of Plumbing

     101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100

     Frankfort, KY 40601-5405

Master plumber job outlook, median pay

The need for licensed master plumbers in the USA is expected to grow around 12% over the next 5-7 years, which many new job openings. In fact, employers today continue to struggle to find certified master plumbers. With over 425,000 plumbing jobs in the US, finding work once you become a master plumber will most likely not be an issue. When you become a licensed master plumber you can expect to start with a salary of between $40-50,000. Depending on your experience and skill level, you can potentially make anywhere from $65,000 to $100,000 per year.

Why Become A Plumber

  • No Student Loans-You get paid to learn the profession. From the moment your training starts, you will be making money. And typically it’s a lot more money than your buddies will be making in college. In fact, your yearly apprentice plumber salary will be roughly equal to what the average student borrows each year to pay for school. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather make money than borrow money.
  • Job Security- There are expected to be roughly 25,000 new master plumber jobs added within the next five years. Plumbing is a trade as old as it’s namesake and for as long as we are a civilized country, it will be a profession that will need to have positions filled.
  • Find Work Anywhere– Plumbing is a international proffesion. Wherever you go on the globe, chances are the will need pipes that need to be be plumbed, and plumbers to plumb them. While you might have to retake a certification test but work is readily available.