Journeyman plumber- a person who engages or offers to engage, either as an occupation or otherwise, in the construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, repair, remodeling or removal, and replacement of plumbing under the supervision, direction, and responsibility of a master plumber

Master plumber-a person who assumes responsible charge, supervision, or direction of journeyman plumbers, plumbers’ apprentices, and other persons in the construction, installation, or alteration of plumbing or who engages in, offers to engage in, or advertises or otherwise represents that he is permitted or qualified to engage in the design, planning, superintending, contracting for, or responsible charge of plumbing.

Plumbing– art of installing in buildings the pipes for distributing the water supply, the fixtures for using water and drainage pipes for removing waste water and sewage, together with fittings, appurtenances, and appliances of various kinds, all within or adjacent to the building. It shall not include the installation of on-site sewage disposal systems, except for the piping, fixtures, or other appurtenances needed within the building. It shall include

  • The water service pipe which forms the connection between the property line and the building, other than piping serving firefighting equipment
  • Private water supply systems
  • House sewers which convey the waste water and sewage from the building to the property line or other points of disposal, but not including sewers located between manholes and sewers extending five (5) feet from a main or manhole on private property
  • Storm sewers and rain water piping located within a building to a point two (2) feet outside of the building
  • Medical gas piping

Public building-any building intended for public use or built with public funds and includes but is not limited to the following: schools, industrial establishments, housing projects, restaurants, food-handling establishments, private clubs, theaters including drive-ins, trailer coach parks, camping areas, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels, tourist courts, rooming houses, boarding houses, and other establishments furnishing public sleeping accommodations

Maintenance man-means a person employed to maintain and keep plumbing in good repair

Apprentice-means a person in the process of learning the plumbing trade who assists and is under the personal supervision of a licensed master or licensed journeyman plumber

Farmstead-means a farm dwelling together with other farm buildings and structures incident to the operation and maintenance of the farm situated on ten (10) acres or more of land which is located outside the corporate limits of a municipality

Person-any individual, public or private corporation, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, co-partnership, association, firm, trust, estate, or other entity whatsoever